10 Best Deadpool gift ideas for fans

Husbands can be so hard to shop for. Mine tends to buy himself anything he wants. One thing he loves, and I suspect your husband or boyfriend may love too is Deadpool! It’s certainly not my favorite movie in the Marvel universe but he loves it and watches it at least once a week.

So I went in search of some awesome Deadpool gift ideas and here’s what I found! Hopefully, it gives you some inspiration without having to put in “maximum effort”!

Deadpool gift ideas

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1. Deadpool hoodie

Keep them warm in this fun but simple Deadpool hoodie.

Deadpool hoodie

2. Deadpool coffee mug

You can never have enough fun coffee mugs.

3. Deadpool Lamp

Remote activated this cool lamp can be set to 7 different colors. Makes a great night light or conversation piece for Deadpool fans.

4. Deadpool robe

Does he prefer to keep his Deadpool fandom at home? How about this Deadpool robe to wear with his favorite pajama bottoms.

5. Deadpool slippers

No robe is complete without some fuzzy warm slippers.

6. Deadpool chia pet

Need a gag gift or white elephant type gift? How about this Dead chia pet. Always a funny gift to give!

7. Deadpool cutting board

A Deadpool cutting board is perfect for the fan that loves to cook. This shop has lots of different characters they can do and it’s Etsy so you’re shopping small as an added bonus!

Deadpool cutting board

8. Deadpool beer mug

Once the food is cooking they can relax with a cold beverage in this Deadpool Beer Mug.

Deadpool beer mug

9. Deadpool Pop! figurine

Pop! figurines are perfect for any cult fan. This one perfectly captures the character of Deadpool and will make a great addition to a fans desk or collectible shelf.

Deadpool funko doll

10. Deadpool shoes

Rounding out this list of Deadpool gift ideas are these amazing Deadpool shoes. They’d look great with the hoodie at the top of this list!

Deadpool fan gift ideas

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