Cute Sloth Valentines {Free Printable Cards}

Sloths have gained popularity in recent years and it’s no surprise. Who can resist these adorable sleepy fellows? Everyone will love these cute sloth Valentine’s Day cards. Simply grab the free printable and you’ll have a set of 4 unique Valentines.

Sloth Valentines

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These cards can be printed and passed out alone, with a small piece of candy, or toss them in a small cellophane bag with a few items to create a cute Valentine’s Day treat bag.

Need ideas? Here are some perfect treats to go along with these printable sloth valentines.

While sloths might be slow these cute valentine cards will go quickly! They print out 4 to an 8.5×11″ page. Print them on paper or card stock for a sturdier card and simply cut them out.

You can also have them printed at your local FedEx Office or similar printing place if you don’t want to use up your ink at home.

printable sloth valentine cards

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free printable sloth valentines

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