Counting Pumpkins Printable Activity

Halloween is just around the corner. This fun counting pumpkins printable is a great way to bring some seasonal educational activities into your home or classroom.

It’s the perfect¬†pumpkin activity for toddlers and preschoolers to color and practice their counting skills! Download your free pumpkin printable and then check out 5 fun ways to use them!

Halloween pumpkin printable

Click to download your Counting Pumpkins Printable!

Fun ways to use this free printable pumpkin activity

1. Trace the numbers

The most obvious way to play with these is to trace the numbers.

If the kids are going to use crayons to color in their pumpkins you’ll want to be sure to use a black marker or sharpie to trace the numbers first. Markers won’t work over the crayons. Black marker works best as it will show even if they decide to use a darker color on their¬†pumpkins.

The numbers are dotted to help older toddlers and preschoolers practice their number writing. For younger kids, you’ll definitely want to go ahead and trace the numbers for them ahead of time.

2. Number recognition

Cut out the completed counting pumpkins and use them like flashcards to practice their numbers. Or simply lay them out and ask your child to find the 3, find the 5, etc.

3. Use raisins to practice counting

Use something like raisins and have them match the number of items to the number on the pumpkin. You’ll want to use something small or it will be hard to get 10 onto the number 10!

pumpkin activities for toddlers

4. Put them in order

Cut out the completed pumpkins, mix them up, then have your child put them back in order. To make it more interactive you can have them hang them on a line using clothespins. This will get them up and moving while practicing their numbers.

5. Make two sets and use them as memory cards

Make two complete sets of the pumpkins. Cut them out then flip them over and use them to play a game of memory. It will help if you color each set of numbers a different color. You may want to print them on cardstock instead of regular paper so that they aren’t too see through.

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Halloween pumpkin activity

Pumpkin Activity for Toddlers

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