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So you found out you’re pregnant and now you want to announce it to the world! There are so many fun baby announcements ideas out there! I’ve compiled 25 clever pregnancy announcements for you to get some inspiration from! Everything from funny, pop culture, twin announcements, siblings, you’ll find inspiration for all those and more in this list! Hopefully, it will help you find the perfect way to announce your pregnancy on social media, or just to your family & friends.

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Best pregnancy announcement ideas from facebook & instagram

Have a favorite type of shoes you and your husband are known for wearing?! Including a tiny version for your baby to be can be a fun way to announce you have a baby on the way.

Use big balloons to make your baby announcement special. You can grab balloons at any local party store, or even a dollar store often carries some!


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Stop the haters in their tracks with this fun letterboard announcement. These fun letterboards are available with different colored backgrounds in case you want to go with blue or pink!


get your pets involved

You can get your four-legged friends in on the action by including them in your pregnancy announcement like this cute French Bulldog.

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make it a family affair

If you have a close friend or family member who is also expecting or has recently given birth you can team up with them to announce your bun in the oven!

pop culture pregnancy announcements

Star Wars fan? This is how my husband and I announced our first pregnancy. I also walked down the aisle to the “Imperial March” so it was the perfect announcement.

Star Wars pregnancy announcement

If you love Disney you might love an announcement like this! You’ll have to get creative if it’s not pumpkin season.

Superhero fans might consider some fun costumes to help announce their new sidekick!

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For all the Harry Potter fans a magical announcement may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Horror movie fan? Try something like this! Those early ultrasounds do look rather alien-esque.

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Video game obsessed? Celebrate your new player like this! Grab a cute onesie like this one on Etsy!

Funny pregnancy announcements

What do you even do with a baby anyway?!

This one is a little racy but funny!

expecting a sibling?

Bonus points if you can actually capture your child looking upset.

A dashing big brother in training!


Fun announcement for the tie-breaker sibling!

seasonal pregnancy announcements

I love this cute signs for a Christmas baby announcement!

I so wanted to do something similar to this fun March clover themed announcement…unfortunately my due date is Feb 27th! Ce la vie, time to think up something else cute.

Perfect for an Easter baby announcement!


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twin pregnancy announcements

Twins can be so unexpected and lead to some fun announcements.

Extra special babies!

Celebrate your rainbow baby with an announcement like this!

A great announcement idea for those IVF warrior parents! You can grab one of these cute onesies on Etsy.


Not sure how to create one of these masterpieces? Try asking in your mom group or pregnancy group! Someone may be a photoshop whiz and willing to put something together for you for free or a low price. You can also create one yourself using photoshop or canva. I’ve also seen some for sale on Etsy. I’m sure you can create something cute and all your own. It’s a great time to let your personalities shine through!

clever pregnancy announcements

baby announcement ideas

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