There are so many fun Christmas tree crafts you can do with your kids! I love this one since it’s low prep and simple enough for younger toddlers, but preschool and kindergarten age kids could enjoy it as well. Just make slight adaptations for each level. It’s also perfect for creating a learn through play experience talking about shapes, colors, sizes, etc. It’s also not very messy as it can be done with just paper and glue!

This Christmas craft is super low prep. Depending on the age you may need to cut out shapes ahead of time, this should take you no more than a few minutes. For older kids, they can cut the shapes themselves so all you need to do is gather the supplies!

Christmas tree craft for toddlers

Supplies needed:

christmas tree craft supplies

 Instructions for making the shape Christmas tree

  1. Select the colored craft papers for this craft. Print and cut out the shapes from the given template. Trace the shapes on the colored craft papers and cut them out nicely using scissors. The template includes 3 triangles for the tree, 1 star, circle patterns of 2 different sizes, 2 squares of different sizes. Kids could also use a hole punch to punch out the ornaments.shapes for Christmas tree craft
  2. Prepare a white colored paper (stationary paper or art paper) for the canvas.
  3. Glue the large triangle, about one inch above the bottom side of the canvas.
  4. Take the medium size triangle and glue it on the top of the previous triangle by slightly overlapping it.paper Christmas tree craft
  5. Last, take the small size triangle and glue it on the top of the medium triangle. Again, slightly overlap the medium triangle with the small triangle.
  6.  Add the star on the top end of the small triangle. Glue the square piece on the bottom side of the large triangle and also the rectangle. The square is the trunk and the rectangle is the pot.Christmas tree craft for toddlers
  7. Finally, add the round ornaments on the tree however you want. Allow the glue to dry once the craft is complete.
  8. Optional: To jazz it up kids can add pom poms or sparkles to the tree as ornaments instead of, or in addition to the paper ornaments. They can also add presents made with paper or grab some simple present stickers.easy Christmas tree craft for kids

make it educational

This is a great Christmas craft for little learners!

  • Talk about the different shapes of all the pieces
  • Talk about the different colors, especially when you get to the ornaments
  • Discuss the different sizes of the triangles and order them from large to small or small to large
  • For preschool age, they can practice their cutting skills with the simple shapes
  • Make a completed one and have them try to recreate it, ask them what they think comes next and help guide them along

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