I want to share with an awesome line of dresses I came across from Princess Awesome. The company was started by, and run by two moms. I love supporting other moms and their dresses are so cute. They’re not only cute but unique. They have options from infant up through girls size 12. Every little girl deserves one of these fun dresses!

    Princess AwesomePrincess Awesome

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      A nursing pillow is a must have in the early days of breastfeeding. The two you hear about most often are the boppy nursing pillow vs my brest friend nursing pillow. I used both and today I’m going to let you know which I think is the best in this head to head review post. I’ve gotten opinions from some other moms as well. Let’s find the perfect breastfeeding pillow for you!

      Best nursing pillowBest nursing pillow

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        Want to learn more about breastfeeding? Breastfeeding education classes should be readily available to all women, but unfortunately, they aren’t. And when they are available we don’t always know that we should take them. Life can be so busy leading up to having a baby that between work and doctors appointments fitting in a breastfeeding class doesn’t always fit into the schedule. That’s why I’m so glad there is an online breastfeeding class available like Milkology!

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          Welcome to part two of our spring cleaning series where we are helping you with non-toxic replacements for items around your home. If you missed part one where we discussed non-toxic replacements for your kid products be sure to check it out! Just as you need to consider what you put on your kids you also need to consider what you use around your kids. Throw out the idea that cleaning needs to be done with bleach and other harsh chemicals. 
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            Full disclosure, I hate the term “self-care”. Maybe it just sounds too trendy. However, I am a believer that moms should take a moment out to pamper themselves once in a while. That’s why I am so excited to tell you about the new book subscription box, Oxford Momma!

            subscription boxsubscription box

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              Looking for fun shirts for moms? They make the perfect gift to buy for yourself or your favorite mom. Whether they’re a breastfeeding mom, nerdy mom, or just a mom losing their mind here are 10 terrific tees just for them.

              shirts for momsshirts for moms

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              Breastfeeding moms

              breastfeeding shirtbreastfeeding shirt


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