easy cranberry dessert

    These cute cranberry desserts are the perfect addition to your Christmas dessert table. These mini cranberry trifles are layered in individual glasses to create an individual dessert for each guest at the party. Full of fresh cranberries, angel food cake, pudding, and whipped cream they’re sinfully delicious but cute and easy to make ahead of time. You can use canned cranberries and other pre-packaged items to make these even faster.

    mini cranberry triflemini cranberry trifle

    Something about cranberries just screams winter time.

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      There is something irresistibly cute about owls! Even my toddler loves owls. So this year I created these cute owl valentines. Grab the free printable valentine’s day cards. Your kids will love giving them to their friends and classmates at school, preschool, or daycare this year! Simply print, cut, and give! Scroll down for some fun ideas for candy or toys to go with your owl valentines.

      Owl valentinesOwl valentines

      printable owl valentines

      Valentine’s will come as an 8.5×11 PDF format with 4 on the page.

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        The real reason for the Christmas season is celebrating the birth of Jesus! He can get a bit overshadowed by Santa and all the other holiday festivities. Bring him back to the centered by having a Christ-centered Christmas for your family, and especially for your kids. It can help you to re-focus on the true meaning for the season as well! Here are 7 ideas to help your family have a Christ centered Christmas and celebrate Jesus Christ at Christmas this year.

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          Here’s a fun way for kids to make their own gift bags this year. These cute little angels make festive wrapping for any gift. Older kids can even craft their own bag as well, or you can keep it simple and use a brown paper sack for younger kids or to speed up the process! Once the bag is made it creates a great opportunity for giving back as well! Fill it with love as a gift for a teacher,

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            Wondering how to set up a secret Santa gift exchange? Secret Santa can be a fun game for co-workers at the office or families that don’t want to buy for everyone. Put a new twist on the game by using these fun secret Santa printable scratch off cards to reveal who each person is shopping for!

            secret santa name pickersecret santa name picker

            Secret Santa Basics

            If you’re unfamiliar with how to conduct a secret Santa gift exchange it generally goes something like this.

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              These easy toilet paper roll angels make a great Sunday school Christmas crafts for toddlers or preschooler. They’re also a great angel craft for kids at home as you probably have many of the supplies already or can pick them up for a few dollars at your local dollar store! Simply gather some leftover toilet paper rolls and a few craft supplies and soon they’ll have a cute angel Christmas craft flitting about your home.

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