Music can be a great tool to make baby¬†stop crying or just a fun way to bond. From nursery rhymes, to Disney, to Top 40, and everything in between, every baby has a song that will soothe them. Here are some of the songs moms reported their babies are in love with, including my¬†daughter’s favorite! Check out the list and discover which one is your baby’s favorite.

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My daughter’s favorite

Kicking the list off with my daughter’s favorite,

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Having an infant can be overwhelming. In the early days it can seem baffling to find things to do with this tiny little person who is completely dependent upon you. Here are great ways to entertain and bond with your baby.

Family Showers

Family showers can be a life saver in the early days when you wonder if you’ll ever get to shower again. Mom, Dad, & baby can all shower together so you’ll get some much needed time with your spouse and a nice shower.

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You’ve survived the first 3 months! Hopefully your little one is starting to sleep a bit more and you’re feeling less like a zombie. Over the next three months they will notice their world more and start working on learning how to sit up and roll over. Check out my list of essential items for your 3-6 month old.

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1. Sleep sacks

By now your little one should’ve graduated from their swaddles but may still need an extra layer of warmth.

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Confession: My post title is slightly misleading. Nothing can truly prepare you for what it’s like to be a new parent. However, these titles can certainly help you to know what to expect and help you in the many decisions that come along with parenting. I’m sure you’ll do great! I like to read a variety of takes on parenting and then choose what fits our family best. You don’t have to stick strictly to one parenting philosophy,

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