How to commemorate your breastfeeding relationship

Breastfeeding is an amazing, though at times challenging, journey for mom and baby. No two breastfeeding journeys or relationships are the same. It’s definitely something to be celebrated!

Here are 5 amazing ways you can commemorate your breastfeeding relationship, try one or all of them! Breastfeeding is amazing whether you did it for three days or three years.

breastfeeding relationship

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Take breastfeeding photos

You can book family photo sessions, mommy and me photo sessions, but have you ever thought of booking a breastfeeding mini session?

I was able to get mine done as part of a family photo session we did when my daughter was about 6 months old…but it was a very busy photo session. I’m so glad we have some beautiful photos like the one below to celebrate our breastfeeding journey.

If you don’t have the cash or aren’t comfortable nursing in front of someone else have your husband, lactation consultant, or a close friend snap a few candid photos that you can keep just for you.

breastfeeding photo session

Have Breastmilk Jewelry made

They do all sorts of special jewelry now including pieces made from breastmilk. Save a vial and mail it off and they will return a beautiful piece to you like the one my husband got for me. (It’s the perfect item to put on your wish list!)

They come in all sorts of varieties and can be customized to be the perfect fit for you. I would check and see if there’s a mom close to you that does this, I’m all about supporting other moms! If not there a few places online that can do it as well.

Take milestone photos using breastfeeding badges

We’re all familiar with doing monthly photoshoots for our kids. I did mine up until she turned one year old.

Breastfeeding milestone photos follow a similar pattern. Each month, or however often you choose, you can take a photo to celebrate your breastfeeding journey.

You can also celebrate things like the first time breastfeeding in public, overcoming common issues like mastitis, or even the fact that the dreaded teeth have appeared! I also include a card below for extended feeders that says “Yes, we’re still breastfeeding” just in case you encounter any haters!

Breastfeeding badges

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breastfeeding badges

Use a Tree of Life photo to celebrate your breastfeeding relationship

If you’ve been on social media you’ve likely seen the cool photos where women have taken a photo of them breastfeeding their child and transformed it into a Tree of Life that resembles a Van Gogh painting.

These beautiful photos represent the fact that you are nourishing and growing your child by breastfeeding. Be smarter than me and put the tree the right direction…I blame mom brain. The roots should be in you with the leaves of the tree on your baby.

Be sure to grab these other great apps for pregnancy and baby photos while you’re at it!

Breastfeeding Tree of Life photo

How to make a tree of life photo

In order to make your own you’ll need to download the PicsArt app.

  • Select your breastfeeding photo. It’s best if it’s relatively close up like the one above.
  • Search “treeoflife” under the stickers option and select a tree, then hit apply.
  • Spin the photo to adjust the angle and shrink or expand it until it’s the desired size
  • Next hit the effects button on the bottom of your screen and then choose magic
  • Select an effect. Midnight will give you the Van Gosh esque look. Rainbow it also a popular choice.
  • Once your happy with your effect press apply.
  • Click the arrow in the top right corner.
  • Make sure to press save so you have the photo for the future. You’ll then get the option to share it to social media if you want.

Now you have your own unique photo momento!

Breastfeeding tattoos

This is one I definitely plan to do in the future. If you’re a tattooed mom like myself or looking to get your first one this is a great idea!

This reminder will be with you forever so be sure you research and pick a design you love and work with a good tattoo artist. Tattoos are forever (relatively) so it’s not something you want to do on a whim or on the cheap.

Check out this article that features some beautiful breastfeeding tattoos. You can also search #breastfeedingtattoo on Instagram for some inspiration.

If you feel comfortable I hope you’ll share some of your amazing photos. Let’s all work towards normalizing breastfeeding. There’s no reason anyone should ever feel shamed for feeding their child. It’s an amazing and natural thing to do. Tag me on Instagram @diaryofasocalmama

breastfeeding journey

3 thoughts on “How to commemorate your breastfeeding relationship”

  1. I have been wondering where people get the tree of life photos! I am also planning on getting some breast milk jewellery made once our journey comes to an end.

  2. These are some really interesting ideas. Until I read this, I never thought of doing anything to celebrate breastfeeding. Four kids, a total of six years, and I was done with thinking about it. The happy memories are enough for me. Now. If there’d been jewelry at the time I’m sure I’d have been tempted.

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