Breastfeeding can be tough but there are items that can help make it easier. From items to help with positioning, item to increase supply, clothing, to educational items they are all here. I have personally used most of these items and the others come highly recommended by other moms. Check out this list of must have breastfeeding products for new moms.

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nursing pillow

Nursing pillows can be a lifesaver early on. In the early days your baby will nurse for what seems like hours on end. A pillow can help allow you to use two hands as well as help with positioning. A favorite of mine is the boppy nursing pillow. It’s versatile and can be used later to help your baby practice tummy time!

nursing clothing

You can make do with clothing you have but specifically designed nursing clothing can be a lifesaver. There are becoming more and more options available these days. Just a couple years ago I was hard pressed to find anything that wasn’t long sleeve and black. Now there are beautiful options like this floral shirt from Milk & Baby.

floral nursing top


A nursing bra is also essential for any breastfeeding mama. They usually clip down to allow access for feeding. The Dairy Fairy not only has a cute company name but makes great bras for breastfeeding moms.

dairy fairy nursing bra

nursing breast pads

When you’re breastfeeding you may be prone to breast leakage…especially in the early days. You can buy disposable pads or go a little greener and buy these fun reuseable breast pads from Bamboobies.

lactation treats

There are many things can supposedly increase your milk supply. Delicious lactation treats serve a double purpose as you’ll also be ravenous¬†while breastfeeding. Added bonus: You won’t have to compete¬†with your husband for these goodies as the lactation part is likely to turn him off…even though he’s unlikely to start producing milk if he eats one or two, just don’t tell him that! My favorite are the delicious treats from Milky Mama LLC.

lactation brownies

manual breast pump

You should have both an electric and a manual breast pump in your arsenal. You may react better to one than the other. Your insurance will likely provide you with an electric breast pump. For a manual pump, especially in the early days, I love the Haakaa breast pump. You can attach it to the side your baby is not feeding from to catch your let down, extra milk that will drip out. You don’t want to waste a drop of your precious breast milk, also known as liquid gold.

breastfeeding educational resources

Educating yourself about breastfeeding is so important to breastfeeding success. There are many options from a local class, books, or online classes.

A great book to pick up is “Latch: A Handbook for Breastfeeding with Confidence at Every Stage” written by Robin Kaplan. She works as an IBCLC right here in my hometown of San Diego and helps run the San Diego Breastfeeding Center.

If you’re looking to take an online course Milkology will give you all the information you need. You can take the class at home in your pjs and go at your own pace. You can read more about the course and a mini interview with the creator in my previous blog post.


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