Milkology online breastfeeding class

Want to learn more about breastfeeding? Breastfeeding education classes should be readily available to all women, but unfortunately, they aren’t. Luckily there are lots of easily accessible courses like the online breastfeeding class Milkology.

It’s not a free class but at just $27 it’s a very affordable option to choose for your prenatal breastfeeding class, postnatal breastfeeding class if you realize late that you have no idea what you’re doing, or as a refresh for those that have forgotten half of what they learned with an earlier baby…the mom brain is real!

Life can be so busy leading up to having a baby that between work and doctors appointments fitting in a breastfeeding class doesn’t always fit into the schedule. That’s why I’m so glad there is an online breastfeeding course available like Milkology!

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Milkology online breastfeeding class

Why you need an online breastfeeding class

If you read my blog you will hear me stress over and over the importance of being educated and prepared for possible breastfeeding issues before baby arrives. Check out How to set yourself up for breastfeeding success for tips.

I did not fit in a prenatal breastfeeding class and didn’t know virtual breastfeeding classes existed before my daughter arrived. We had issues that 1, I didn’t expect and 2, I didn’t know how to solve. I luckily had an old co-worker who pointed me in the right direction.

I want you to get started on the right foot which is why I highly recommend taking this course which was created by a Certified Lactation Educator!

By taking this course you won’t have to worry about finding a local class, trying to fit it into your schedule, or worse yet, skipping a class altogether and hoping you don’t have issues or get a hospital lactation consultant who knows what they’re doing. (Unfortunately, their abilities and expertise can vary widely.)

Milkology will give you the knowledge and confidence to get off to a great start breastfeeding your baby.

What you’ll learn in the online Breastfeeding class Milkology

Who is Milkology right for?

This course is perfect for any expecting parent or new mom who has not taken a breastfeeding class. It’s perfect if there are no in-person breastfeeding classes available near you, or if your schedule makes it hard to attend.

It’s also a great refresher for those that have breastfed a baby previously but want to brush up on their breastfeeding knowledge.

Your husband, spouse, partner, whoever will be supporting you should also take this course! Anyone who will be supporting you in your breastfeeding journey should also become educated about breastfeeding.

An online course may be more comfortable for some gentlemen as they may not feel comfortable discussing this subject in a room full of women.

The course is made up of 13 video lessons that you can watch, and re-watch, at your own pace.

It covers everything from the benefits of breastmilk, proper latch techniques, how to properly store breastmilk, everything you need to know about milk supply and more.

Click to see a list of the Milkology class curriculum and watch a preview video to see what the course is like. I know you’re going to love it!

A word from the creator

I have become an advocate for breastfeeding education, which is the reason I suggest this course. I wanted to find out what motivated the creator Stacey Stewart, a Certified Lactation Educator, to create this course. Check out this mini-interview I did with her in May 2018:

What’s your personal experience with breastfeeding?

I breastfed all three of my kids until they were 2.5. Samantha born in 2011 and my boy/girl twins Ryan & Mallory born in 2015.  So I spent a total of about 5 years of my life breastfeeding! I also worked part-time throughout those years and so have lots of experience pumping as well.

There were plenty of hard days along the way, but also countless precious moments and I look back on those years with my kids with such fondness!

What motivated you to create this course?

I saw so many women struggle with breastfeeding. From my friends to my co-workers to my neighbors – the list goes on.  I observed that women need more support and education than they’re getting.  I’m a teacher at heart and have my Masters degree in Teaching.

In 2016 I had an epiphany and realized what I could do to help.  I decided to create an affordable, quality online breastfeeding class that women – no matter where they lived – could easily access wherever they were and whenever they wish!  My mission (and passion) is to empower women to reach their lactation goals with online education and support!

What’s one breastfeeding tool you think every mom should have?

Through my time studying lactation, I came across a tool (or really a method) that I WISH I knew about when I was breastfeeding.  Hand expression!

Hand expressing your breast milk is a tool that can assist breastfeeding moms in so many situations. It can boost your milk supply quickly if you need to make more milk.  It can substitute as a pump if you’re stuck without one. It can even remove more colostrum those first few days postpartum than pumping can if your baby can’t/won’t latch.  And it’s incredibly easy to do!

Here’s a short video that explains it so well!

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