Full disclosure, I hate the term “self-care”. Maybe it just sounds too trendy. However, I am a believer that moms should take a moment out to pamper themselves once in a while. That’s why I am so excited to tell you about the new book subscription box, Oxford Momma!

subscription box

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Treat yourself to a little "me" time every month with oxfordmomma.com

If you are a lover of books, like myself, this is the subscription box for you. This subscription box launched in April and is quickly gaining popularity. Each month you’ll get a new book to read along with 3 “self-care” items for a little pampering, cause you deserve it! Having my own personal book curator sounds pretty good to me. What are you waiting for? Go order yours right now! Then you can relax like the woman below, at least until your kids barge in!


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