5 Best tips for using Tailwind {in 2020}

Tailwind can be a great tool for bloggers and other business owners that use Pinterest as part of their business. It’s not the only way to do Pinterest but it can save you sooo much time as a busy entrepreneur.

It’s pretty easy to jump in and start scheduling pins but there are many other tools in Tailwind that you should be using as well. Use these 5 tips to get the most out of your Tailwind subscription.

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1 – Update your Smart Schedule

First off, if you haven’t set your smart schedule DO IT! But this isn’t something you want to just set and forget.

To ensure your pins continue to go out at the best time you need to periodically re-do your smart schedule. The smart schedule is based on the best time to reach your followers. So, as you get more followers, Tailwind will have better data to use when creating your unique schedule.

How to reset your smart schedule

  • On the left hand side under Publisher select “Your Schedule”
  • Under Smart Schedule it should say General Queue and next to it is a button that says “Recreate Schedule”
  • Select the number of times you want to post per day and then click recreate schedule
tailwind smart schedule

That’s it, all your unlocked pins will shift to fill the new spots.

I keep mine at about 3 as I only use it for pinning others content. To pin my own content I almost always use the interval pinning tool.

2 – Use Interval Pinning

The interval pinning tool is one of the main reasons I pay for a Tailwind subscription. I could never hope to keep up with pinning everything and remember which board I pinned to last.

My best pinning time is also during what is dinner, bath, and bedtime for my kids at my house so Tailwind ensures my pins get out at the best time.

With the interval tool I’m able to ensure my pins get spaced out appropriately and pinned to different boards.

How to set up Interval Pinning in Tailwind

Go to the Drafts section under Publisher. When you look at the pins you have available there will only be a little clock type symbol at the bottom until you start adding boards.

Type in all the boards you want the pin to go to. You can use board lists to make this happen faster.

Once you type in boards the little clock symbol will change to a button that says “Use Interval”. Now you can select a start date and time and select how many days apart you want each pin to be scheduled. I pin mine 10 days apart.

Tailwind interval pinning

Then you select either Open Time Slots, Optimized, or Exact.

  • Open Time Slots – will add the pins to available time slots in your schedule
  • Optimized – will create new time slots at best times. They will be outside of your existing schedule
  • Exact – will pin them at the exact interval you’ve selected and will not adjust the timing at all

I personally use Optimized, that way I don’t have to worry about leaving open time slots. I would avoid using Exact as you want your content to go out at different times of day so it can be exposed to different audiences.

3 – Use Board Lists for faster scheduling

Board lists can help to speed up scheduling. If frequently pin to the same set of boards you can create a grouping. Then when you go into your drafts to schedule a pin you can select this set rather than selecting each board individually.

How to create a board list

To create a board list select Board Lists under Publisher. Tailwind makes this really easy for you as there’s a button that says “Click to add a list”

From there you can title your board list and add as many boards to it as you need. Then when you go to schedule an individual pin in your drafts you can select the list. Board lists show up at the top of the drop-down list.

4 – Check your Tribes

Tailwind tribes can be a great way to get your pins in front of a new audience. But, you don’t want to join a tribe and then just stay in it forever, unless it’s a good one.

Check your tribe analytics so you can decide whether each tribe is a good fit for you, especially if you can only be in 5 tribes! To know if a tribe is beneficial to you, you want to see that your pins are getting both Re-shares and Repins.

Tailwind tribe analytics

Re-shares are how many times tribe members have shared your pins, meaning how many times they have scheduled it to their boards. Repins is how many times those pins have been repinned by Pinterest users.

If your pins are getting re-shares but not repins then they are not getting in front of the right audience and those re-shares aren’t doing you any good.

If a tribe isn’t performing then you should consider leaving it and trying a different tribe instead. There are no shortage of tribes on Tailwind these days. You can even start your own tribe!

5 – Get the Browser Extension

The browser extension is a must have for quickly adding pins to your Tailwind schedule. It allows you to grab a pin from within Pinterest, whether your own pin or someone else’s. A screen will pop up and you can schedule the pin directly from there or “Save for Later” so that you can set up an interval schedule for that pin.

So if you have a new pin you can pin straight from the post to Pinterest, then from Pinterest, you can send that pin right to Tailwind without having to re-upload it and fill in the description and url.

Still don’t have a Tailwind account? Go sign up now. What are you waiting for?!

One final warning

One mistake you don’t want to make as it’s a headache to fix! If you upload a pin directly into Tailwind from the publisher tab the url will default to your home page. You will need to edit the url so that it will lead to the correct post.

I highly suggest you update the url as soon as you add the pin. It’s too easy to forget to do it later and then you can end up with pins that lead to your homepage instead of a specific blog post which is a terrible experience for users and can waste a great pin.

Once pins are live on Pinterest they can take on a life of their own and it’s nearly impossible to delete them as they can get pinned, and re-pinned over and over again.

Is Tailwind enough?

Tailwind is a great tool and it can be a lifesaver for busy entrepreneurs that simply don’t have time to manually pin every pin they want to send out. But you also need a strategy and to really understand how Pinterest works. Simply throwing pins into Tailwind is NOT going to be enough.

If you really want to see your Pinterest traffic soar doing at least some manual pinning can be great too. While pins can perform great, whether they are pinned manually or pinned through Tailwind, you can’t do everything from Tailwind, you need to go into the Pinterest platform itself.

The best way to learn the ins and outs of the Pinterest platform and to create a solid pinning strategy (which you can mirror in Tailwind if you like) is to take Carly Campbell’s PINTERESTING STRATEGIES course. It’s a fabulous course and super affordable too!

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