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Pregnancy is such an exciting time and can be an amazing experience. A pregnancy tracking app can let you know what’s going on in there as each week goes by.

Many offer videos to show you your baby’s current development and even let you know how big they are! They are a great and fun tool. Don’t forget to have dad download one too so he can feel involved.


‎Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

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What to expect is my favorite pregnancy tracking app! My favorite feature during my pregnancies was the weekly video that tells you what's happening with your baby that week.

It has great photos that you can click on to learn more, gives you size comparisons, and includes a section about the changes happening in your body as well.

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‎Sprout Pregnancy

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Sprout baby was my husband's favorite pregnancy tracking app. Sometimes the you baby is the size of a (insert various fruits here) section would be different between the two so we always liked to compare notes.

The sprout baby app does include stunning 3D images of your baby at it's current gestational age. It also has a journal section where you can write about your pregnancy and then print them all as a PDF.

This app also provides tools for counting kicks and a contraction timer for free. There is a premium version as well but I could not figure out what additional features were available. It seems there may be a trial period and after that using the app will cost $4.99 but I'm not positive.

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‎Pregnancy +

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Pregnancy+ is similar to the previous pregnancy tracking apps although it's a bit harder to navigate.

This app offers a cool feature, the ability to see 2D and 3D ultrasounds of a baby at your current gestational age!

There are various areas to track and take notes about your pregnancy and you can utilize a kick counter and contraction timer for just a $1.99 fee to unlock all extra features.

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‎BabyName - find it together

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Along with tracking every development of your baby you'll also be working hard to pick a name for your newborn.

This app is essentially the Tinder of baby names. You and your partner can both download the app and scroll through names. Ones you both like will appear on your matched list.

With over 30,000 names you're sure to find one that you both like!

If you need more ideas check out my Baby Names page for lots of baby name ideas.

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‎Full Term - Contraction Timer

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A contraction timer is a must have unless your're having a scheduled c-section. While some of the other apps include a contraction timer tool you often have to pay to use them or their buried in a tools section.

You don't want to be trying to pay for a feature or track it down when contractions have started so consider having a stand alone app.

There are several free apps available but this is the one that I used. It got us to the hospital in plenty of time for our daughter to be born.

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Have pregnancy questions? Check out my pregnancy page full of great resources for every trimester and follow me on Pinterest!

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