The best course to teach you how to use Pinterest

I’m so excited to tell you about an amazing Pinterest course…Pinning Perfect. Whether you are a blogger or a shop owner I’m sure you’ve heard that Pinterest is the secret to driving traffic to your website or shop…if only you could figure out how. You need the knowledge provided by the ladies running Pinterest Perfect, Melissa Culbertson and Anna Luther.

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I first came across these ladies after I saw they were running a special summer week-long course on Pinterest. I signed up hoping to gain a kernel of knowledge. I’m sure like me you’ve signed up for a lot of these videos where they give you very little actual information. Instead, they hint at great information and then drop a sales pitch for a course that will cost a lot of money. If you’re starting out, paying for a bunch of courses that may or may not be helpful is out of your reach.

To my surprise, their videos were actually helpful! They actually gave you knowledge and tools before they offered you their course. I could see that they actually knew their stuff and decided to take the plunge. So why do I love this course?! Find out below.

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The Price for the course goes up this Thursday, June 21st so grab it today! If you get it before Thursday you’ll also get 2 bonuses. A keyword guide for Fall content and 20 templates for creating pins in Canva or Photoshop.

Reasons I love Pinning Perfect and you will too!

  • There is no membership fee! Everyone seems to want to sell you a membership fee to their Facebook group these days. Pinning Perfect is a one time fee, or spread over a few payments, and includes updates and access to the Facebook group with NO ongoing payments. The information is always up to date so you won’t be using outdated myths, legends, and ideas that you find all over the web and Pinterest.
  • These ladies know their stuff! Anna runs a successful blog called My Life and Kids. Melissa runs Blog Clarity, but also does marketing for a brand you’ve likely heard of…Burt’s Bees. This gives her an in at Pinterest.
  • Which brings me to another reason to love this course. Access to what’s going on behind the scenes at Pinterest. We know Pinterest is constantly changing and evolving. Melissa has a direct line to actual employees and shares, when she can, the latest updates and happenings so you can always take advantage of the best way to success on Pinterest.
  • Easily to follow modules. The course is easy to follow and comes complete with handouts and videos to help you understand. They have many step-by-step videos if you use WordPress or Blogger. If you use a different platform they will help you as best they can.
  • Live videos! These ladies constantly host live Q&A sessions and will even have opportunities for them to evaluate your pins so you can get help from them and the other members of the group.
  • These ladies are funny and down to earth. They are also regularly in the Facebook group answering questions. The other members are also very helpful.
  • Access to an exclusive Tailwind Tribe. They have a tribe just for students of Pinning Perfect. This course will promote using Tailwind to schedule pins, but will also show you how to do it without Tailwind. (If aren’t using Tailwind you should be. It will streamline all your pinning plus give you access to Tailwind Tribes.)
  • Their plan will have you Pinning to Perfection with just a little bit of effort each week. Once you get going on their method your time pinning should be reduced and streamlined. You’ll be able to effectively pin while still leaving you time to do other things like create content.
  • What more could you want from a Pinterest course?! Check out Pinning Perfect and the other courses offered by Melissa.

Media Smash kit – to help you create a great Media Kit when you’re ready to work with brands.

Content Brew – A course to help you get organized and create great content for your blog.

Want a sample of their work? Check out this free holiday guide they created to help you rock Pinterest for the rest of the year.

Still checking out your options? Be sure to pin this post for later!

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