Got Pads? Here are the best for postpartum bleeding

Best maxi pads for postpartum bleeding

 After delivering a baby you can expect a certain amount of postpartum bleeding. You’ll be in need of sanitary pads for all that blood.

I’m gonna run down the best maternity pads for after birth at every stage. You’ll likely need several different kinds during your recovery based on your circumstances and preferences.

best pads for postpartum bleeding

Bleeding After Delivery

Bleeding after giving birth is to be expected. You have a wound approximately the size of dinner plate from where your placenta sat inside your body! Let’s talk about what to expect.

What to expect from after birth bleeding

Your bleeding can vary a lot in heaviness and how long it lasts. Bleeding can last up to 6 weeks but will likely only last for 1-3 weeks. The amount of blood can come and go over time and may also vary with your activity level.

If you are breastfeeding you can expect to have cramps and an increase in discharge during breastfeeding sessions. I’ve heard these cramps get worse with each baby. I hardly had any with my first and they were noticeably worse with my second.

These cramps are caused by the uterus contracting and working to return back to its previous shape.

When should you be concerned?

Disclaimer: Nothing in this post or on this website should be used in place of medical advice. It’s based on my experience and research and you should always consult your own doctor with your concerns.

The general rule is if you’re soaking a pad in an hour or passing clots bigger than a quarter you should call your doctor’s office or nurse hotline. You should also take it easy. Your body is recovering from major trauma and excess bleeding can be your body’s way of telling you to take it easy.

But it can be more serious, it can indicate that a piece of your placenta remained attached. So your doctor may want to examine you and they’ll need to remove any excess placenta if this is the issue.

best maxi pads for postpartum

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Which pads to buy

As if you didn’t have enough to take care of during pregnancy you also need to prepare for your postpartum needs. But going down the pad aisle staring at all the choices can be a bit overwhelming.

Check out my week-by-week guide to pregnancy to make sure you’re on track to get everything done!

Let’s go over the different types of maternity pads you may need and my top choices for each.

Giant Pads

You will need some giant pads to get you through the first few days. Your hospital will likely send you home with some but you’ll want to have some of your own in case you run out.

1st choice: Heavy Maternity PadThese pads are amazing! I got them at the hospital when I had my second daughter and wish I’d had them with my first. These pads are extra wide in the back making them better for preventing leaks.

2nd choice: Always heavy pads. –  They’re super thick and have wings to keep them in place. I’m generally not a wings kind of gal but you’ll want to be extra sure these pads stay in place.

3rd choice: Adult DiapersSome women swear by adult diapers for postpartum. I myself have never used them myself, that was a little too intense for me. But that’s always an option.

Best pads for the 1st week

Usually, within a few days, you’ll be ready to ditch those giant pads for some regular pads. I’d use long ones if you can find them as you’ll still be sitting a lot.

If you can find some 100% cotton pads I highly advise it! You’ll be wearing them for a while and the moisture and chemicals can cause skin irritation, kind of like the diaper rashes your baby might get in the future.

If you do get a rash you can use some of that diaper rash cream you have stock piled for your baby. Make sure to change whatever pad you use regularly to help prevent the moisture and rash as much as possible.

For the long term bleeding and possible bladder leakage

Once the bleeding lightens up you can switch to light liners to catch the last of the blood and any possible bladder leakage that can occur while your muscles recover.

I’d advise keeping a sanitary pad in for a couple days once you think the bleeding has stopped. It can sometimes stop and start for a few days at the end.

best maternity pads after birth

Padsicles for those who had tearing or bruising

Many women have some tearing during childbirth. At the very least you’ll likely be swollen and a little sore if you have a vaginal birth.

I generally just line my maxi pad with some tucks pads but many women swear by padscicles.

It can’t hurt to prepare a few in advance. If you end up not liking them or being lucky and not needing them you won’t be out a lot.

To make them you’ll simply line thick maxi pads with alcohol free witch hazel and aloe vera and then place them in the freezer. Don’t overfill them or they won’t be able to catch any additional liquid.

Be sure to make them in advance, you won’t need one more thing to do once your baby arrives.

Don’t forget the mesh undies!

Now you know what pads to stock up on but what are you going to put them on?

I highly recommend the mesh undies! They’re super comfy, breath well to prevent extra moisture, and are gentle on sore tummies in case you have a C-section.

Ask your nurse for extras to take home with you. You can also pick some up online.

If you don’t want to do the mesh undies very long then invest in some cotton granny panties. Buy cheap ones that you can simply throw away when you’re done or in case they get too gross. Recovery from giving birth can be a messy process!

There you have it! The run down on the different types of pads you need for your postpartum bleeding.

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best postpartum pads

Best pads for after birth

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