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Wondering what the best baby apps are? When you have a newborn there’s a lot to keep track of! Having an app on your phone can really help make life easier as a new parent.

From tracking feedings, development, diaper changes, sleep, safe medications, and even tracking aunt flo. There’s an app for all of that!

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‎Baby +

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Baby+ allows you to track everything about caring for your new baby. You can track various kinds of feeding, diapers, health issues, sleep, there's even a chart to track their teeth as they come in!

The app includes a growth chart like the one they show you in the doctors office as well so you can see if their weight gain is staying on track.

There are various guides available with information on sleep, activities, and development.

It's a great way to keep track of lots of information about your baby all in one place.

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‎Huckleberry: Baby Tracker

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The Huckleberry app is all about sleep. It allows you to track naps and overnight sleep for you baby.

After you enter a few days data the app will start giving you queues about good times to try for that next nap and try to help troubleshoot any issues.

As moms we all know how precious sleep is!

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‎The Wonder Weeks

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The idea behind Wonder Weeks is that babies go through certain developmental periods called "leaps".

The app gives you an estimate of when to expect these periods based on your baby's due date. This will let you know when to expect extra fussiness as babies are often extra cranky and in need of snuggles when going through these changes.

The app will also give you information on what new skills are being developed and activities you can do to help them with their new skill set.

There are debates as to whether so called "leaps" really exist or not, but I've seen a lot of parents who see behavior that coincides with "leaps". I use the app myself with my two kids

The app was developed from information in the "Wonder Weeks" book if you want more in depth information.

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LactMed is specific to moms giving their baby breastmilk. If you are using only formula you can skip to the next app.

LactMed allows you to look up various medications and see if they are safe to take while breastfeeding.

The website version actually works much better as the app is newer. But the app will work in a pinch as well.

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‎Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

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Flo is my go to app for tracking periods and ovulation. It can predict when you're period will start, when you will ovulate, and your fertile window based on your past cycles. (You'll have to enter data for a couple months for it to start getting more accurate)

The app is great if you're using natural family planning or just like to have an idea as to when Aunt Flo will visit again.

Remember: The app can only track your fertile window once your period returns and natural planning isn't 100% accurate. You can get pregnant while breastfeeding & you can get pregnant before your period returns!

Check out the book "Taking Charge of your fertility" for more information about natural family planning.

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I hope these apps help make your life a little easier! For photos check out these 7 amazing photo apps for pregnancy and baby pictures!

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