Why you need Adventures in SEO {Course Review – 2021}

Adventures in SEO Course Review

Updated April 2021

If you’ve landed on this post hopefully you’re interested in purchasing Lena Gott’s course “Adventures in SEO” and wanting to find out if this course is worth it.

SPOILER ALERT: It is! See the MediaVine ads showing on this blog? They are there in large part due to Lena’s Course.

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adventures in seo review

Course now open. Go check it out!

What’s new for April 2021 Course Launch?

This is the first launch since Lena has upgraded to Adventures in SEO 2.0. I haven’t checked out the update yet but will try to do that ASAP and update here. But, I hear she’s added more info on rocking your Google SEO as Pinterest is being harder than ever.

Early Bird Bonus: If you buy the course by Saturday you’ll get access to her new RPM Revamp which will help you to maximize ad revenue. (I can’t wait to use this info myself).

Regular Bonuses: Buy the course anytime before it closes on Thursday April 22nd and you’ll get 3 amazing bonuses!

  • The Niche Traffic & Income Challenge
  • Hidden Niches Training
  • Ad Network Challenge (a.k.a. “qualify for Mediavine challenge”)

Before taking the Adventures in SEO course I had been blogging for almost two years. I started with no real knowledge of blogging, marketing, or website design and I’m a stay at home mom. So my blog was a side hustle, but I had put in a lot of hours.

Why I recommend Adventures in SEO

Like many bloggers, my goal was to get enough monthly sessions to qualify for MediaVine so I could earn good ad revenue. I was no where close. I was almost to the point of deciding I needed to give up, that it just wasn’t going to happen for me.

I bought Lena’s course in a last-ditch effort to save my blog. It was one of the best business decisions I ever made!

Live Training

The course is only offered a few times a year. This is partially due to the fact that it is a live course. You can work through the materials on your own at anytime but each time the course is released Lena creates a Facebook group where she walks you through the lessons as a group.

This allows you to ask questions as you go and keep you motivated and on track to actually complete the course. (I mean how often do you buy a course or ebook and just never get around to reading it or going through all the course modules?!)

During the live sessions, you can also get feedback about keyword research, pin design, pin descriptions and more from both Lena and fellow members of the course. Make sure you take advantage of this time!

Slowly but surely I began to see my views from both Pinterest and Google increase.

Not just an SEO Course

Unlike many SEO courses Adventures in SEO isn’t just about what you traditionally think of as SEO, getting traffic from Google. This course does extensively cover how to get traffic from Google and other traditional search engines.

Bonus: Lena’s strategies don’t require you to purchase any keyword tools

Adventures in SEO also covers SEO for Pinterest, Pinterest is a search engine after all. You learn two different types of SEO all in one course and how to integrate the two and create posts that can rank on both Pinterest and Google, which means more traffic.


I signed up for the course in December and by March I qualified for MediaVine. I actually got approved the same week my second daughter was born.

Here are my growth results for total sessions (this is the metric MediaVine cares about) as well as users from organic search results (that’s the coveted Google traffic).

There is a small dip after February because I have some Valentine’s day content that does pretty well so everything dipped a little after the holiday passed.

adventures in seo course results

As you can see both my overall sessions and organic traffic exploded and have continued to go up. This is with me having a new baby at the beginning of March so my time spent blogging has been greatly reduced.

I also have not gone back to update my old content yet as I just haven’t had the time. I can only imagine how much more improvement I will see once I get that done.

With the income I now receive monthly from MediaVine this course has already more than paid for itself.

Was Adventures in SEO the game changer?

Was Adventures in SEO really the game changer for me? During the time I started this course the only other change I made was that I also read Pinteresting Strategies by Carly Campbell. I started implementing some of her pinning strategies partway through taking Adventures in SEO.

I did not change hosts or do any other significant website upgrades during this time.

I do think the pinning strategies helped as well, this topic is not covered extensively in Adventures in SEO, since that’s not the topic it focuses on. However, without the improved content I created via Adventures in SEO, a pinning strategy wouldn’t have gotten me very far. And it certainly wouldn’t have improved my organic traffic.

So yes, I do believe that this course was the main driver of the increase in my traffic.

Do others see similar results? Yes, they do! I’ve seen many others in the Facebook group sharing their wins and that they too have qualified for MediaVine. Check out this case study to see how the course has helped another blogger.

Go Check out the course!

Best things about this course

Facebook Groups

The Facebook Group is one great aspect of this course. The first group you’ll have access to is just other people going through the course at the same time as you. It’s here that Lena will do the live training, give feedback for your specific questions/examples, and answer any questions.

After the initial course has been completed you’ll have access to the Alumni Group. There you can continue to ask questions from others who’ve been through Adventures in SEO. Lena also frequently answers questions in this group as she has time.

Even now, two years after I initially took the course I’m still getting access to course updates and all the great information that is shared in the Facebook group.


Lena herself is definitely another positive of this course. She’s super down to earth but very knowledgeable as she’s been doing this for a long time. She’s happy to help answer specific questions and is always happy to celebrate others victories!

As part of the alumni group you sometimes get access to special challenges/trainings or can be a beta tester when she’s developing a new training.

Course Style

The style of this course is great for creative types. Unlike some SEO courses this one doesn’t use fancy keyword tools. It’s more about a different way of thinking about keyword research and the research is done more intuitively.

If you prefer a course that’s more structured and will teach you how to do develop a long list of potential keywords I suggest checking out Stupid Simple SEO, another great SEO course that takes a slightly different approach.

What’s in the course?

Check out the image below which shows you everything that’s included in this amazing course.

If you want to learn how to write content that will make both Pinterest and Google happy and increase your traffic you need to take Adventures in SEO!

And if you still aren’t convinced then you can check out the free Adventures in SEO trial which features several mini-lessons so you can get a feel for Lena’s style and make sure it’s for you.

Just do it fast before the course enrollment closes!

adventures in seo review

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