7 helpful ways to survive being sick as a mom

Unfortunately getting sick is an unfortunate part of life and parents don’t get sick days from parenting. You babies, toddlers, older kids, and heck even your husband will still expect you to be the mom. But this is one time you should definitely give yourself permission to do less! Check out these 7 tips to help you survive being sick as a mom.

Sick mom survival guide

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1. Don’t try to be supermomSupermom

I know we all strive to be supermom but when you’re sick is not the time. Rest, relax, let them eat easy meals even if they aren’t the healthiest. You’ll be out of commission longer if you try to do it all while sick. Listen to your body and its need for rest.

2. Actually sleep when your kid sleeps!

I know as moms we laugh or glare angrily when people suggest this. When you’re sick is the time to actually live this annoying phrase. The dishes and laundry can wait. You need to sleep and you sure aren’t going to do it while they’re awake. Enjoy a nap for once, you deserve it.

3. Call for reinforcements! (channel your husband’s man cold if you have to)

If you have family see if they’ll take your little one for a while or bring you some soup. Husband still not helping out?…play up the illness. Channel your inner man cold and bring out your acting skills and seem worse than you are, or make sure to seem really contagious. Then go hide in your room and let him watch the kids. Surely they can all survive without you for a few hours. Take a nap or binge watch that show you’ve been dying to catch up with on Netflix.

4. Hydrate

Water is sooo important and us moms are so busy we even forget to hydrate! Grab a big glass and drink away. Water will help flush out all those bad germs…plus it’s just good for you. If you haven’t invested in a great reusable bottle yet do yourself a favor and get a hydroflask with a straw. They will keep your water nice and cold and these bottles can take quite a beating.

5. Distract, Distract, Distract (one day of TV won’t ruin them)

We always want to do what’s best for our kids. I’m one that tries to do no screen time since my little girl is under age one. But one or two days of TV distractions won’t ruin them forever. Put on whatever cartoon will catch their attention, toss some snacks on the floor, give them a water cup, some toys, and let them entertain themselves for a while. You can read them an extra book to make up for it when you’re feeling better. When they’re tired of TV check out these simple and easy no-prep activities from my fellow mom blogger Alana over at Parenting from the Heart.

6. Be careful what you take if you’re breastfeedingNo medication

The last thing you need when you’re sick is extra stress. Most medications to treat a cold are safe when you’re breastfeeding but some could reduce your milk supply a bit. If they are meant to dry up fluids in your head they can dry up other fluids a bit as well. You can find a full rundown on it in this article from KellyMom. You can check drugs on the Infant Risk Center website to see whether they pose a risk to your baby. Every woman’s body is different so if you take something just be mindful of how it’s affecting your body and stop use if necessary. Women who are in late-stage lactation tend to be more greatly affected.

7. Sanitize

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to spread an illness to others in your home. Keep your sanitizer close and try to avoid touching your baby or their toys with germy hands since no one wants a sick baby. Luckily, if you are breastfeeding and get ill first you will pass antibodies to your baby which may prevent them from catching your cold as their body will already know how to fight it off. (Yay breastfeeding!). Check out this natural foaming hand sanitizer for a baby safe option. If your kid gets sick too be sure to check my review of the Nose Frida, a must have for little ones that can’t blow their nose.

Now go get some rest! You have my permission.


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