For my fellow SoCal mamas summer might not mean that much of a change…but I know some of you have these things I’ve heard about called seasons. Whether you’re headed to the lake, camping, or to the beach like me there are some summer baby essentials to keep your little one safe and happy this summer.

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      If you found this post I imagine you may have a baby with a cold. I’m so sorry! It’s terrible to watch your little one be sick and congested and not be able to do much to help them. I’d heard about this product before I got pregnant. A co-worker had a new baby and she had mentioned these new nasal aspirators for kids called a Nose Frida. It involved a tube you use to suck the boogers out of your child’s nose…ew…gross I thought.

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        Who doesn’t love to save money?! Shopping online already makes it easy to compare prices. Below are even more ways to make sure you are getting the best deal you can without leaving your couch.

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        Tip #1: Google Shopping

        Did you know Google has a shopping tab? Search for the item you want to buy and then click over from all to shopping.

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          Finding time to workout when you’re a busy mom can be hard…especially if you’ve been out of the game for the better part of 9 months or more. These easy mommy and baby yoga videos are great for getting back into it and can double as bonding time for you and your baby…a double win!

          Please consult your physician before beginning any new workout. Ensure you are using correct form to avoid injury.

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            Gifts for the modern manGifts for the modern man

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            I know us busy mama’s will soon we looking for holiday gifts for the men in our life. There are plenty of cute craft ideas out there. But if you’re like me and not super crafty and are looking for something that doesn’t require you to get out glue and paint,

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