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This post is inspired by my grandparents. Whenever we went to visit you would see little love notes that they would leave for each other all over the house. (#relationshipgoals). This can be a great practice any time of year for Anniversaries, birthdays, or if you’re relationship just needs a pick me up. But Valentine’s Day is an especially great time to do a 14 day love challenge.

Miss having a February 1st start date? It’s not too late! Do a shortened version, or start it on Valentine’s Day and do it for the rest of February instead!

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I was able to do this for $5 with items I bought from the dollar tree! You can also use the links below to pick up the items on Amazon.

What you need:

Supplies for 14 days of love challenge

Create your love notes

The first thing you need to do is to create your love notes. Take your 14 hearts and write 14 reasons why you love your spouse. Make sure to choose a mix of reasons (no one wants to be all looks or all personality).

Need ideas?

  • Your favorite thing about their looks
  • Something they are really good at.
  • How they treat you or other people.
  • A special act of service they always do for you

love notes

Make them thoughtful and unique to the two of you! If you need filler you can look up a short poem or quote, but finding 14 things you love about your spouse shouldn’t be too hard.

Put it all together

14 love notes

There are several ways you can present your notes. For Valentine’s Day, I’m doing it using 14 Sweetheart Candy boxes. I’m hiding a love note inside each box of candy (I had to dump a few candies out to fit the heart in.) Each day I will leave him one box on his nightstand, in his coffee cup, in his lunch pail, somewhere he will easily find them. If you’re using boxes you can number them so they are delivered in a certain order or you can just choose one of your boxes at random each day.

Alternatively, you can put all the notes into a jar or mailbox and have them pick one out each day before they head to work.

Love notes mail boxes

Adapt it for your child

If you are doing this for your children it’s a similar process. Think of things they’re been improving upon, things they do well. God forbid they are getting bullied about something try to find some words of affirmation surrounding the issue for them.

Putting a sweetheart box in their lunch every day would be fun or hide them around the house for them to find. The mailbox is also a fun choice for kids as you can put the flag up once the note has been delivered.

Looking for more ways to strengthen your marriage? Find our your love languages!

Want more easy gift ideas? Learn how to help your child make a Valentine’s Day handprint card with edible paint.

14 day love challenge


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    1. This is so sweet! I wonder if I could pull it off for Valentine’s this year, so fun!

      Posted on January 31, 2018 at 12:01 pm